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Menuviel Features - Allergen
Add allergen badges and bitterness level
Easily inform your guests by selecting allergen ingredients in your dishes. Each ingredient will be represented by an icon. Choose the bitterness level and let your customers know how spicy and bitter their food will be.
Menuviel Features - Banners
Use promotional pop-up banners to increase your revenue
Do you have something to say to your visitors? Use our integrated pup-up banners to let them know about your offers, discounts and new services. Available in all plans.
Menuviel Features - Languages
Your menu in multiple languages
Make it easy for your foreign customers by offering your menu in additional languages. You can add as many as you want, including semitic languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.
Menuviel Features - Availability
Set the availability of your menu items with a single click
Experiencing difficulties while fulfilling orders? Or some of the ingredients are out of stock? Temporarily disable the visibility of your unavailable menu items with one click.
Menuviel Features - Update
Update your menu in seconds
Forget about printing new menus or QR codes every time you make changes to your menu. With Menuviel all changes are instantly synced with the QR codes on your tables.
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